A Brief Background on Jewish Business in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles region of California is home to a Jewish population that is approximately 250,000 strong. Although this region is considered to be the most expensive and difficult area of California to undertake business activities, the vast Israeli Jewish population present here has more than overcome the regular barriers. They have made Los Angeles a thriving business hub, not just for the Jewish population, but for all of America. The Jewish people have traditionally been famous for their business acumen.

Even the ancient Jewish law has certain tenets on how to conduct ethical business activities. There is also a centuries-old Israeli welding of business ethics with social responsibility that the Jewish Talmud one of the core texts of Judaism propagates. According to the guidelines laid down in this Jewish text, Judaism recognizes that self-interest plays a vital role in ensuring ethical standards.

While the Jewish people do not view poverty as a virtue, wealth for them has always been a challenge. The financially stronger elements of society may often have more charitable responsibilities. For the Jews thus, acquisition of wealth is often a way to ensure that they meet their social responsibilities. Some of the other aspects of Jewish business that have made them immensely successful in not only the Los Angeles region of California, but indeed all over the world, are their view of seeing all business as long-term relationships, even when in the short-term, it is not so advantageous. Generations of Jewish families conduct their business by adopting these principles and the result is that they are some of the most respected and preferred business partners all over the world.

Not to mention financially successful! As a result of this financial success across the ages, the Jewish people have excelled in professions that deal with wealth. For example, people of the Jewish faith control a large amount of the banking and trade industries, as well as many financial departments of large-scale corporate organizations. Their acumen with numbers has made the Jewish people excellent bookkeepers, accountants and finance professionals. And the innate Jewish sense of entrepreneurship is manifest in the fact that many modern industries like Insurance, Credit rating etc. have many Jews. But not all Jewish businesses deal with money and finance.

In the Los Angeles Area, due to the presence of numerous Jewish people, there is a range of product and service companies catering to their needs. The Jewish restaurant business is big in California. As are Jewish real estate operators. A lot of Jews find themselves well entrenched in the legal and notary professions. And communications, telecommunications and marketing are increasing arenas that attract and retain the best Jewish talent.

The Israelis are well recognized as the foremost security experts in the world. Not only is the Israeli intelligence service considered the best; the Israelis have always been front runners in Computer technology and security. It is no wonder then that the Jewish people are champions in this high-technology field as well.

As a result of the global spread of the Jewish Diaspora, the Jewish people are natural polyglots, specializing in cross-cultural communication and business services. All these factors have contributed to the Jewish success story in businesses all over Los Angeles, California. While this region is home to most of the Israeli/Jewish businesses, the Jewish people have a track record of business success all over America.

The opportunities that the country offers coupled with traditional Jewish business values and ethics is a winning combination that has reaped financial success time and again. is the Premier Business Directory of the Israeli community in the Los Angeles area. Find more Israeli and Jewish Businesses at


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