Anniversary Gifts A Memorable Gift Is Not Hard To Find

An anniversary is a special time to celebrate and if you or someone you know has an anniversary on the way, you probably want to purchase a special gift. However, the growing trend even with those celebrating their 25th and 50th anniversaries is to not receive anniversary gifts from guests at the party. If the couple you love chooses to not receive gifts you will definitely want to wait for the appropriate time to give your anniversary gift. Not wanting to embarrass the couple or attending guests, the best time to present your gift is when no one else is around, and definitely don't make a big scene presenting your special gift.

At specific anniversary milestones it is fun to give a gift that is traditional for that year. For example, if you are celebrating your 10th anniversary a gift such as tin or aluminum is suggested. But I wouldn't take this as far as presenting a bouquet of canned goods! However, a beautiful set of china is a fitting anniversary gift for a couple's 20th year. The more commonly known "silver" and "gold" anniversary years are those celebrated at a couple's 25th and 50th respectively. A nice silver serving set makes an elegant 25th anniversary gift and for the 50th year your imagination, and pocket book, are your only limitations.

For each year celebrated there is a corresponding traditional gift. Actually, this makes purchasing a sentimental anniversary gift a bit easier for the special couple. For the woman in your life that is celebrating an anniversary, giving a traditional gift is both classy and memorable. For a first anniversary, paper is the standard gift. A nice stationary set or small savings bonds are a few gift ideas. A unique anniversary present for a man is not hard to come by.

A 25th anniversary, the silver year, could bring gifts such as a money clip or a beautiful pair of cuff links. If he enjoys a hobby that you know of a gift that incorporates this will be a hit. Maybe he's a golfer? For a 50th anniversary how about a gold engraving when he hit that hole in one? Any personal touch is just that much more special. Since an anniversary party is generally a formal occasion, browsing present options at boutiques will give you lots of ideas for a personal and unique gift. You may find elaborately engraved glass picture frames, a beautiful crystal pitcher or something reminiscent of when the couple first married.

An anniversary gift purchased expressly for the celebrating couple will be sure to delight. Summary: Gift giving doesn't have to be complex or nerve-wracking. Celebrating a special anniversary or event deserves a unique gift. By keeping the couple in mind you will easily find that perfect anniversary gift that is both affordable and memorable.

Brooke Hayles
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