Do You Have To Give Wedding Favors

Is it required that you give wedding shower favors at your wedding reception? In this article we will look at the reasons why you should hand out favors as well is why you might not be able to. First of all let's look at the reason why people give out wedding favors that their wedding reception. 1.

It is a way for you to thank your guests for taking their time to attend your wedding. Although you probably will send out thank you cards in the future it's still nice to be able to personally thank your them on your wedding day. 2. Another reason people give out wedding favors is because it's a common practice to do so. Most of your wedding guests have been given a wedding favors at past weddings. Do you want to be different than everyone else! Now let's look at the reasons why you would not give them at your reception.

1. The most obvious reason is that you are on a very tight budget. Then when you add favors to that cost you are now over budget. This makes sense as the cost of having a wedding is increasing every year.

Dictate on the size of your wedding, the favors that you hand out could end up being very expensive. 2. Another reason is that people just get rushed for time and put this task on the back burner and never get to it.

This really is a very poor excuse considering how easy it is to shop for, and pay online for, wedding favors. 3. One final reason that people do not give out wedding shower favors at their wedding is they just do not know what to buy or what to hand out. This comes back to the task of doing research online, and how easy it is to shop for and purchase wedding favors today. One simple thing you can do is to give each of your guests one single flower.

If you're planning on using flowers, as centerpieces, talk to your florist and have them also incorporate a single flower to hand out to each guest. This is an inexpensive way to give out wedding favors, because you do not have to shop beyond the initial purchase of your floral centerpiece. Another thing you can do is use an artificial flower and give out that. When you incorporate the look of your centerpiece this can be an inexpensive way to remind everyone about your wedding day. In conclusions you have to decide for yourself.

You may have your own reason for not wanting to give out wedding shower favors at your wedding. Regardless, we hope you'll consider the pros and cons and make the correct decision for your special day.

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