Enrichment Activities for Your Home School

The upbringing of a child has a major effect on determining its future well being. The environment, living conditions and the family have an equal effect on the way of thinking and living of a child. Moreover, educating a child, along with the method employed, brings about a scholastically healthy life.

With options like traditional and home schooling available, parents can choose either, according to their convenience. With reference to traditional schooling, children have the opportunity to interact with other children of their age, and their teachers. The child lives with his or her parents and attends regular school. The teacher monitors progress of the child from time to time through tests and examinations.

The parents in this case although significant, have a very small role to play. On the other hand, in the case of home schooling, parents play a major role, as most of the students personal and scholastic life is spent with them. These schools could be opted for either philosophical or personal reasons.

Based on the regulations of government in different states, parents have the freedom to assign tests and monitor the progress themselves. However, besides the regular syllabus and coursework, the child should also be given extra curricular activities, which would serve as supplementary aids to learning. The following guidelines could be implemented to enhance home schooling 1. Outdoor trips to forts or historically significant places can be planned. These could serve not only as being educational, but also be a pleasant change from the home enclosure.

2. Trips to parks and visits to the country can help the child to bond with nature, and also help in studying about animals, birds, and insects. 3. To introduce the child to the aquatic world, a fishpond or tank can be made, where aquatic plants and different types of fish can be bred. 4.

Art and craft exercises unleash the creativity of the child and develops interest. 5. Teach the child a musical instrument of their choice. 6. Have reading sessions with the child where easily comprehensible historical stories can be told. 7.

Teach subjects like math or science formulas giving easy and identifiable examples. 8. Introduce the child to gardening.

Activity like sowing, weeding, watering and taking care of plants, gives a sense of responsibility. Besides, various insects and butterflies can be seen in the garden during different seasons. 9. Religious sermons and short stories from the bible could assist in helping the child to get acquainted with religion. 10.

A small carpentry exercise like building a birdhouse, or a garden supply box, can teach the child skills like sawing, stenciling and painting. Since the child is home schooling, he or she should not be overloaded with assignments, or forced to study. The home can heighten the learning abilities of the child, as it is comfortable, and is a familiar environment. This aspect should be taken advantage of, and the parents should make optimal use of the easy availability of personal and educational resources. Home school is a learning experience both for the child and the parents. Perceiving the areas of interest of the child helps in deciding future college options.

For example a child interested in stargazing and planetary movement can decide upon enrolling for a course in astronomy. Moreover, implementing fun filled activities can augment the education of the child, making it interesting and interactive.

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