Hip Hop girls

Hip Hop girls Have you seen a rap music video that does not have a beautiful and sexy lady? Guess not. There is actually no meaning of watching a rap music video or a hip hop video that does not have a sexy lady showing her moves. The artists know it, directors know it, producers know it - in short, everybody knows it. Therefore, in most of the rap videos, sexy ladies appear to make the videos attractive. The ladies of such are known as hip hop models.

They are the heart of the videos. They are the souls. Other names of hip hop models are eye candy, video vixens and hip hop honeys; the models are as catchy as the names suggest. Not only in rap videos, hip hop models appear in magazines, calendars and other forms of media, giving pleasure to the men of all age.

You may be a teenager or an old man; it does not matter; hip hop girls will burn down yours eyes, your heart, your pulses and your feelings. After watching a video, if you feel that you should watch it again, it means, the hip hop girls did a great job there. Hip hop models have sweet bodies, sexy acts and eye catching body shapes. In the modern world of attractiveness, hip hop girls make huge impact in selling products, promoting businesses, popularizing music videos etc. Some hip hop models only focus on print media such as magazines and calendars while some only appear only in the hip hop videos.

Hip hop models actually appear in the videos just to show, what they are capable of. They use the music videos as their launching pad and as a way to get noticed so that they can pursue a career in entertainment industry. If they do well in the initial video, directors from all over the country contact them to sign up for the next movies of TV shows. The better the moves, higher the rate! Over the last few years, the hip hop modeling industry has become popular and complete.

Trainers are available now, who teaches the moves a hip hop model needs to make during the videos. Agents are also there to take care of the new models as well. As it has become a complete industry, more and more ladies are coming to test their luck as a hip hop model.

As a result, you and I are watching sexy videos, when ever a hip hop or a rap song is seen on video channels. However, some people of the mainstream say that hip hop models basically represent negative subservient images. Some critics also accuse hip hop models for causing falsification of the mainstream models. Well, who cares what they say? Believe it or not, many established mainstream models and movie starts started their career as hip hop models.

Eva Mendes is one example. She did couples of rap videos before she got a chance to prove her merits in the mainstream media. Look, where is she now.

Dwayne Adams is the author of this article on hip hop models. Find more information about hip hop models here.


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