Learning English In Four Easy Steps

So, you want to learn to speak English. That is great. There are a ton of great resources out there that can help including over 49,000 ESL websites. Now if you are like most other ESL students reading this article then you already have a fairly good notion of the English language. You most likely are looking for a place to practice and enhance your English skills. So, here are four easy steps to do just that.

Step Number One: Preparation Since you already have a fairly good notion of English you don't need to start all over with the ABC's and the verb "to be". Take stock of your current skills and find out where you are weak. Once you know what you need to learn.all you have to do is learn it.

So, pick out something from your list of things that you know you need/want to learn. Take a few minutes to analyze why you want learn this information, and make sure you focus on that particular point while studying. It is super easy to get side-tracked onto other topics.

If you do see something of interest while you are on your search for information.make sure to take note of it so you can come back at a later time. But for now.

FOCUS on the task at hand! Step Number Two: Practice Now that you know what you know what you want to learn, jump over to Google or Yahoo and do a quick search on your chosen topic of interest. From there you should be able to find sites that will provide you with tools and resources such as audio files, video files, exercises, and tests to practice what you want to learn. Step Number three: Use Alright! You are rip, raring, and ready-to-go! You studied what it was you wanted to learn, and now you need to put it into use in real life situations. Use what you just learned on your friends and acquaintances.

Hit the forums and try out what you now know. Try to use it at least thirty times to really assimilate it well and make it a part of you. Step Number four: Evaluate Once you are done for the day, sit down for a few minutes and evaluate how you did. Did you learn everything that is required? Are you still weak in certain areas of this topic? Take note of these things, and use them in your planning time tomorrow as you restart the cycle. Make sure to do these four steps everyday, and you will steadily see your skills progressing.

So now.just go do it!.

Travis Waack is an author and webmaster. You may view his collection of educational related resources at


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